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28 May 2009 0 Comments

The A-Team: Ultimate Bootstrap Entrepreneurs!

There are many similarities between the A-Team and a new start-up.

26 May 2009 3 Comments

Your personal expenses relate to your business expenses

As a start-up entrepreneur you should look at you own personal lifestyle and expenses. You don’t have a regular income as a start-up entrepreneur as you do when in full-time employment. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to look at how you spend money in your private life.

16 May 2009 0 Comments

The Traction Ladder: It’s The Most Important Thing for Start-Ups

In order to get investment, make sales and eventually generate profits entrepreneurs must climb the traction ladder. The traction ladder must be climbed one rung at a time. It’s a hard climb that requires super human stamina and determination. But the crock of the gold at the top is worth it. That crock of gold is profits.

3 May 2009 0 Comments

The “Truth Behind Business Plans” it’s different to what they teach in business school.

Many start-up entrepreneurs believe that the first thing that they should do when starting a business is writing a business plan. This video argues otherwise.