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30 September 2009 0 Comments

“The Truth Behind Business Plans” Featured On SlideShare

Great news! I was pleasantly surprised to find that “The Truth Behind Business Plans” has been featured on slideshare this morning.

29 September 2009 0 Comments

Why It Makes Sense To Be Hands On With Your Internet Marketing

It’s definitely worth it to invest the time and energy into understanding basic web development. This will greatly help you when developing and implementing your online marketing strategy. If you or a co-founder can do most of the web development in-house you can make the appropriate changes that your analysis (you must track everything) deems […]

27 September 2009 2 Comments

It’s Cheaper Just To Start Than To Do Market Research

More than ever, the costs of starting a business are plummeting. It has reached a stage that the costs of starting a business are actually less than doing market research on starting a business.

11 September 2009 0 Comments

The Truth Behind Business Plans

Here is a slideshow that shows the truth behind business plans. I hope you enjoy. The Truth Behind Business Plans Slideshow

8 September 2009 0 Comments

The Best Type of Business for Your First Venture

As you already know, there are various types of start-up. You’ve got the Web Based Start-up, the Bio-Tech/Pharma Start-up, the Retail Start-up and so on. Each start-up involves different structures during the start-up phase. For me, I think the best type of business for first time entrepreneurs is one that is cheap to start and […]

1 September 2009 0 Comments

The Evolution of Marketing

Face it, you are a marketer. It’s the most important thing that you do. I know, you think that you are an engineer/designer/techie, and that’s ok. But in the big picture you are a marketer.