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30 March 2010 1 Comment

Why Your Business Plan Should Be a Five Minute Read

Writing a business plan is important. However many entrepreneurs are guilty of overkill in this department. Here are seven key reasons not to write a large 80+ page business plan.

22 March 2010 1 Comment

Is There a Formula To Business Success?

So, what’s the right management theory to follow for your start-up? Is there one sure fire way to achieve start-up success?

17 March 2010 2 Comments

Tracking the Digital Footprints

Using your target market’s digital footprints, can be a much better way than traditional market research techniques like questionnaire and focus groups to show you the best way to position your new business. When market research costs are considered new businesses should look at implementing a comprehensive digital footprint tracking operation instead of more costly methods of market research.

16 March 2010 5 Comments

Regressive Taxation Based on Risk?

Giving people involved in the start-up community a tax break could do more for the economy than any number of stimuli packages.This would create employment and give countries who enact this pro entrepreneurial tax policy a distinct long term competitive advantage in the global economy.

10 March 2010 2 Comments

Creating Jobs and Saving the Economy

Entrepreneurs are the key to job creation. Every new successful new business will lead the global economy back to recovery and prosperity.

1 March 2010 1 Comment

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Go Hand In Hand

Interview conducted by Yanky Fachler with Stewart D. Friedman on the topic of Leadership.