Sample Layout

This suggested layout is not set in stone, but is a good starting point. You should include a one page cover letter at the start. It’s good to present the body of your plan in the form of PowerPoint slides that are printed out or in PDF format.

Slide 1: The problem you solve, the solution your business provides and a usage example. Try to keep each point to one sentence.

Slide 2: Potential exits: Who will buy your business? Do they have a track record of acquisitions.

Slide 3: Problem breakdown: Go into detail about the problem that you solve (remember back up everything). How many people have the problem and how much in money terms does this problem cost them?

Slide 4: Traction: This is the number of users, key reference sites or sales that you currently have. If you are not at that stage yet, list the milestones you have reached (this is probably the most important slide). Include any IP such as patents that your business has. Be aware that without traction you most likely will not get investment.

Slide 5: Market overview: Size of market and projected growth (back up everything).

Slide 6: Business model: How you will make money. It might be good to mention other companies that use the same model.

Slide 7: Milestones: Show the key milestones you intent to meet. It’s usually good to show these on a timeline.

Slide 8: Competitors: List your competitors along with their strengths and weaknesses (Hint: if they are a public company read their annual reports). Use a “What we can do but they can’t” and a “What they can do but we can’t” (be honest) matrix.

Slide 9: SWOT analysis: List your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Slide 10: PEST analysis: List the Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues within your industry sector.

Slide 11: Management Team: Background, education, ownership etc.

Slide 12: Financial Projections: Usually for three years. Include graphs. Make it clear how you got the sales figures.

Slide 13: Current Objectives: Funding needed and immediate milestones.

Download a business Plan Template Sample Business Plan Template (PDF Document)

Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough that shows how the business plan sample template was made

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