4 October 2011 1 Comment

Can You Make Your Product Relevant to Different Customer Niches?

Many tech focused entrepreneurs believe that their product is made for one thing. That it can only satisfy the needs of one niche. In may ways, this is a good thing. It makes the entrepreneur think about how to service that particular customer group with regard to their specific situation. It also gives an unambiguous message to their customer base.

However, in many cases, other niches can be tapped with the same core technology. The important thing is to have different messages for each different niche. A good example of this is the iPhone App “Watch Me Change”.

This app reminds you to take a photo of yourself everyday. Then over time it creates a time lapse video for you to watch or share with others.

Who would want such an app you ask? Well plenty of people. The app is marketed to three specific niches. 1) Weight-loss 2) Pregnancy and 3) Aging/Growth.

On their website, specific landing pages are set up that relate specifically to each target niche. This dramatically increases the total target market for the app. The key to this is the positioning the technology to be relevant for a specific niche.

If you are relevant and useful to their specific needs/wants people will pay attention to your message.

For example, a pregnant woman would never dream about buying an app that created a time-lapse video on weight loss. However, she would jump at the chance to get an app that produces the same video over her pregnancy.

Likewise, a guy growing a mustache for Movember would not use an app that was targeted at pregnant women. However, a facial change app would be perfect for him.

By making their app relevant to different niches watchmechangeapp.com have increased the market size for their app without making dramatic changes to their technology.

Every start-up should consider how their product or tech can be leveraged by looking at how it can be made relevant to different niches.

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