2 June 2010 4 Comments

It’s Not About Being Perfect

Perfection is the enemy of the entrepreneur. It’s an idea that stifles innovation. It stops the all important launch. It’s the excuse’s best friend. Unfortunately, our default setting is to only launch when something is “perfect.”

We are trained to believe that we must be perfect In school because we are graded as a fraction of perfection. We look at magazine with “perfect” images of “perfect” people. It’s easy to slip into the mindset of “if it’s not perfect, it’s not good enough to release.”

If entrepreneurship was a music it would be free form jazz fusion improvisation. You don’t read from a score, you jam it out and use your intuition. The true secret of entrepreneurship is that it’s not about perfection it’s about making progress.

Progress is much more valuable to you than perfection. Progress should be your key goal. In other words, get your product out there and start making all aspects of your business better. Perfection presumes that you know it all. Entrepreneurs don’t have that luxury. Great entrepreneurs realize that they don’t know it all. That’s what makes them great.

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