Fire in the Belly Review

Fire in the Belly by Yanky Fachler
Becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult and in many cases turbulent event in a person’s life. It’s a like a child getting his/her first set of teeth. It can be quite painful at the start, but once the teeth emerge past the gum line the sweets and chocolates that can now be eaten more than make up for the teething pains.

There is no doubt about it, entrepreneurship holds many great rewards. But diving straight into the entrepreneurial deep end, when you have come straight out of employment can be daunting at first. Thankfully, Fire in the Belly provides excellent insight combined with an enlightening big picture view of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

The book examines the core principles of  “ladder people” and entrepreneurs. As a result, you are taken on an intriguing journey from employment to entrepreneurship. It’s one of those rare business books that’s very hard to put down. It’s written in such a way that not only is it informative but it’s also very entertaining.

The entire spectrum of entrepreneurship is covered. The good and the bad. However, what I really like about this books, and why I would recommend it to anyone who is leaving paid employment to start a business, as the first book they should read, is that it helps you deal with any inhibitions you may have as a result of being an employee for so long.

I have yet to read a book that covers this critical topic so comprehensively.

In summary, Fire in the Belly is a powerful motivational tool that will prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey. It will also help you deal with friends and family who can’t see past the “ladder paradigm” and don’t understand why you have chosen your current path.

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