Tribes Review

Tribes by Seth Godin Cover Picture
The tactics of marketing have changed, particularly in the last seven years. Much of what comes into your head when you think of marketing is obsolete. That’s right, the half page newspaper ads, the television ads, the direct mail shots have all become blunt tools in the modern marketer’s toolkit. They are now primarily used to create physiological familiarity and embed positive anchors about big brands in peoples’ minds. However, you don’t have the time or money for that sort of exercise.

As a start-up entrepreneur, this is the wrong route to go down. Today, inbound marketing is the most effective and cash friendly approach to putting your business on the map. However, it requires you to totally rethink your concept of marketing. If you can grasp this, your chances of success will skyrocket.

Tribes by Seth Godin is a book that is on the leading edge of modern marketing. It unlocks the mystery behind word of mouth, and presents inspirational cases for becoming the leader of your tribe.

The key benefit from reading Tribes is that it makes you see your role from a new 360 degree perspective. Instead of focusing on the clinched sales pitch and hard sell, you are challenged to hit the ball out of the park and start a movement.

In my opinion, Tribes is the most important marketing book for entrepreneurs in the last 10 years. Absolutely essential reading. Believe me, after reading Tribes your business plan will change. How you communicate your message will change, and also, your entire outlook on business will change. All for the better I may add.

Learn how both leadership and marketing have merged presenting you and your new business with an excellent opportunity to make a difference. All you have to do is lead.

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