16 March 2010 5 Comments

Regressive Taxation Based on Risk?

Giving people involved in the start-up community a tax break could do more for the economy than any number of stimuli packages.This would create employment and give countries who enact this pro entrepreneurial tax policy a distinct long term competitive advantage in the global economy.

21 January 2010 2 Comments

Becoming Part-Time is an Opportunity

Why becoming part-time at work is a fantastic opportunity to start a business.

1 October 2009 0 Comments

2017 Before US Job Market Recovers

According to Rutgers it will be 2017 before the US jobs market recovers. The report is called America‚Äôs New Post-Recession Employment Arithmetic. One of the most depressing findings was that there are currently 1.256 million fewer jobs than there was in 1999. Looking at this report, it seems that more than ever, it’s important for […]