6 March 2012 1 Comment

A Boost for Your Keyword Tool PPC Research – iSpionage

Go beyond Google Keyword tool and find out what your competitors are doing on all the search engines. Research ads and keywords and track competitors.

24 November 2009 0 Comments

Why Rupert Murdoch is Throwing Away a Fantastic Opportunity

As you have probably heard by now Rupert Murdoch is looking to charge search engines for access to News Corp content online. It’s been in the news that News Corp and Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) are looking to ink an exclusive deal. Most notability, News Corp’s content will be de-listed from Google.

9 November 2009 2 Comments

The Marketing Mix Delusion

Imagine this, you have just learned the rules of poker and you are sitting at your first table. Do you think it would be wise to bet on every hand?

29 September 2009 0 Comments

Why It Makes Sense To Be Hands On With Your Internet Marketing

It’s definitely worth it to invest the time and energy into understanding basic web development. This will greatly help you when developing and implementing your online marketing strategy. If you or a co-founder can do most of the web development in-house you can make the appropriate changes that your analysis (you must track everything) deems […]