19 October 2009 1 Comment

Employee to Entrepreneur

You wake up to the same ringing alarm clock. You stumble down the same stairs and make the same coffee. Everything seems the same. On the face of it, it is. But, behind it all, it’s not.

1 October 2009 0 Comments

2017 Before US Job Market Recovers

According to Rutgers it will be 2017 before the US jobs market recovers. The report is called America’s New Post-Recession Employment Arithmetic. One of the most depressing findings was that there are currently 1.256 million fewer jobs than there was in 1999. Looking at this report, it seems that more than ever, it’s important for […]

16 June 2009 0 Comments

LostJobStartBusiness Newsletter Vol. 1 June 2009

The LostJobStartBusiness Newsletter for June 2009.

5 February 2009 0 Comments

Changing the “Employee Mentality”

I have noticed time and time again that when people who have previously been in employment “go out on their own” they seem to still carry with them the same culture as the organization they have left. They wear the same clothes to work. They have a similar signature on their email. They still behave […]