19 March 2012 2 Comments

Business Plan – Know Your KPIs

Use KPIs as core elements of your business plan to improve your chances of getting angel or venture funding.

23 April 2010 2 Comments

Substance, Substance, Substance

You can’t bluff a start-up. It’s a no bluff zone. That’s the reality. You can’t achieve anything without substance.

30 March 2010 1 Comment

Why Your Business Plan Should Be a Five Minute Read

Writing a business plan is important. However many entrepreneurs are guilty of overkill in this department. Here are seven key reasons not to write a large 80+ page business plan.

4 February 2010 2 Comments

How to Construct Financial Projections for Entrepreneurs

Slidecast with audio that shows how entrepreneurs can build their own financial projections for their business plan.

15 January 2010 1 Comment

Entrepreneurs and Warren Buffett

Why you should build your business around Warren Buffett’s criteria of a good investment.

11 January 2010 3 Comments

Meeting With a Potential Investor

The Entrepreneur has just finished their presentation. They are feeling good. It came off without a flaw. They think the hard part is over – or is it?

7 January 2010 2 Comments

How to Formulate the Sales Figures in Your Business Plan

Ok, many entrepreneurs get this very wrong. Some do not apply any methodology to obtaining their sales figures. In the vast majority of business plans, the sales assumptions are simply plucked out of thin air.

28 December 2009 1 Comment

Outlook for Venture Capital in 2010

Lets face it, 2009 was a bad year for start-ups. This has been reflected in the capitulation of the number of IPOs in 2009. When exits are down it makes it harder for new businesses to attract VC investment. Look, when it comes to Venture Capital and Business Angel investment it’s all about the exit. That’s life, so entrepreneurs like us must deal with it.

15 December 2009 0 Comments

Business Angels And Your Start-up

Too many entrepreneurs ignore common sense and abandon their reason when they are chasing angel investment.

10 December 2009 0 Comments

New Ebook – Target Series A: From Idea To Investment

have just published a new ebook that focuses on the first round of funding for start-ups. It’s called “Target Series A: From Idea To Investment”.