27 October 2009 0 Comments

Word of Mouth Marketing Online

Here is a short video on word of mouth marketing online. The video and audio goes a little out of whack near the end, hope it doesn’t disrupt your viewing. Enjoy.

14 August 2009 1 Comment

What You Can Learn From Lady Ga Ga

We all know that Lady Ga Ga is an exceptionally talented musician and songwriter/composer. However, before she became Lady Ga Ga she was the equally talented Stefani Germanotta. As Stefani she recorded some quality tunes. However, she never went viral. In a way, Stefani was the anti-Ga Ga. From my perspective Stefani was a creation […]

28 June 2009 3 Comments

Are You Comment Worthy?

As a start-up word of mouth is your only shot. It’s all you have. As a result, you must focus on being comment worthy. You must stand out. However, it takes guts to stand out.

18 March 2009 0 Comments

E-books as viral marketing tools for your business.

Major publishers such as Random House and Simon & Schuster have partnered with Scribd to distribute e-books for free. These publishers see huge benefits using free e-books to generate a buzz about authors.